Factory Acceptance Tests

The factory acceptance test (FAT) is a detailed examination performed by the vendor upon completion of the manufacturing process to verify equipment meets the requirements and functionality indicated in the datasheet, specification and purchase order.

We currently provide this service for numerous shipyards, protecting their interests during the FAT in order to guarantee quality and compliance as per the specification of equipment purchased from the supplier. This includes all marine-related equipment, such as engines, thrusters, boilers, evaporators etc.

Our international experience spans many years, working on behalf of shipyards engaged in the construction of standard tonnage as well as large cruise ships and sophisticated luxury yachts.

Scope of assessment

Consulting service during document collection and preparation.

Ongoing dialogue with shipyards and suppliers.

Supervision of completeness and quality.

Verification against contractual requirements.

Final inspection of equipment and components during the test process.

Consulting service concerning production process and possible improvements.


Reports made to the requirements of the customer.

Reports presented in the client’s report form or in a Weselmann Template.

Final signed protocol includes pictures and supporting documentation.

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