Ship Valuations

As independent marine experts and evaluators, we provide market valuations for new buildings and second-hand vessels and offshore constructions.

We work with many of Germany’s leading ship financers and international banks, as well as national and international shipping companies, ship owners, KG houses and underwriters.

Towage Approvals & Heavy Lift Supervision

We have a wealth of international experience in towage approvals and heavy-lift supervision.

Prior to operations being carried out, we make assessments to satisfy underwriters and owners and ensure all procedures meet the appropriate criteria.

The scope of evaluation depends on the type of towage/lift.

Assessments include a desktop evaluation and check of the towage plan and procedures together with recommendations, as well an on-site technical inspection of the vessel and towage/lifting arrangement.

Inland Waterway Services

As the appointed consultants for the Hamburg Port Authority and the Central Ships Inspection Commission for Inland Waterway Vessels (ZSUK), Mainz, our history of providing them with dedicated services spans decades.

At Weselmann, not only are we accredited to act on behalf of the authorities, we also perform an advisory role directly to owners, assisting with new constructions, conversions, repairs etc. as well as covering stability and strength calculations, tendering, supervision etc.

Remote Vessel Assessment and Monitoring

If a physical inspection is not possible due to location, costs or a client’s wish to use a remote monitoring system, we are also qualified to provide this service.

WESELMANN can provide a standard solution for the process and remote assessment, however the scope of the evaluation can also be discussed and defined in accordance with the needs of the client.


We provide superintendent inspections and general supervision services for the technical departments of ship companies.

Either short or long-term assignments, which may include regular fleet inspections, handling of ad hoc technical matters, supervision of constructions and arrangement of necessary repairs etc.

Thanks to a strong background covering every class of ship-management, along with solid experience of superintendence and supervision services across a range of projects, our team has all the technical expertise required to meet the client’s needs.

Sustainability Assessment

Sustainability initiatives have become one of the prime focus areas in all industries including shipping and shipbuilding.

Through our in-depth knowledge and decades of experience, Weselmann can provide sustainability assessment of projects within the shipping and shipbuilding industry.