Towage Approvals & Heavy Lift Supervision

We have a wealth of international experience in towage approvals and heavy-lift supervision.

Prior to operations being carried out, we make assessments to satisfy underwriters and owners and ensure all procedures meet the appropriate criteria.

The scope of evaluation depends on the type of towage/lift.

Assessments include a desktop evaluation and check of the towage plan and procedures together with recommendations, as well an on-site technical inspection of the vessel and towage/lifting arrangement.

Scope of Assignment / Projects

We work closely with clients to ensure assignments meet their exact needs.

Our experience covers the towage of large structures for shipbuilding and inn the offshore sector as well as complex lifting operations of military crafts to be transported on cargo vessels. 


Evaluation and approvals are made by our technical team of marine surveyors. All are qualified marine engineers, naval architects or master mariners and offer in-depth knowledge of the maritime industry and expertise with the requirements of ports and inland waterways.

We are also authorized to carry out inspections and issue certificates on behalf of Hamburg Port Authority (HPA) and German Inland Waterways Authorities (ZSUK).

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