Supervision and Audit of Shipmanagement

We carry out audits of ship management companies on behalf of owners and banks/investors.

We evaluate the ship management company to allow the customer to review the standard of the procedures implemented and their execution. 

Through interviews and the review of data and documentation, audits are made at the office of the manager. 

In order to evaluate the performance of the manager also from a technical aspect, most audits include a physical inspection of one or more of the vessels managed by the company.

Audits can be combined with OPEX screenings.

Assessment results are combined into one report. 

Scope of assignment

Independent assessment of the company in charge of management.

Thorough in-house know-how related to OPEX, technical management etc. provides the foundation for the required assessment.


Reports tailor-made to the client’s requirements.

Assessment results combined into one report, with additional support documents from the audit, vessel inspection, data analytics etc. 

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