Remote Vessel Assessment and Monitoring

If a physical inspection is not possible due to location, costs or a client’s wish to use a remote monitoring system, we are also qualified to provide this service.

WESELMANN can provide a standard solution for the process and remote assessment, however the scope of the evaluation can also be discussed and defined in accordance with the needs of the client.

Evaluations and assessments are made by our expert technical team, based on the analytics, information and data made available. This includes technical data, class records, performance reports, overhauling data, port/flag state controls, ISM records etc.

Scope of assessment

Defined in accordance with customer requirements.

Relevant information, data, and photos are assessed and evaluated.

When regular monitoring is necessary, we provide an assessment plan for the required data and intervals for these.


Delivery of a report with the assessment.

Report forms can be discussed according to the available data and client requirements. 

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