On and Off Hire Surveys

As a well-established, independent and impartial company, Weselmann is often appointed to conduct on-hire or off-hire surveys.

We assess and thoroughly document the condition of the vessel or barge. On-hire or off-hire condition surveys include consumables such as bunker, lube oils, water, parts etc.

These surveys can be conducted on behalf of the charterers or the owners or as a joint survey as well if both parties agree. 

Scope of Survey

Visual examination at the time of delivery or redelivery of a vessel to/from a time charter.

Verification of documents and certificates.

Corroboration of reported quantities of fuel and stores on board.

Inspection of the cleanliness and condition of the cargo spaces.


Inspection report includes detailed description of a vessel’s cargo spaces/deck areas structural state, bunkers on board, citation of the vessel’s statutory certificates, lashing materials etc.

Relevant reports and ROBs signed and stamped by our surveyor and crew or another party.

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