New Building Follow-up Surveys

To provide customers with an independent evaluation of new ships under construction, we conduct follow-up surveys of vessels during the various stages of construction.

Ongoing surveys of ship construction are conducted to give banks, shipping companies, investment funds, KG houses etc. reliable, independent information of the process and quality of the structure.

Additionally, supervision of the construction can be made as required.

Inspection of the process is carried out to verify the process is synchronized with banks' release of installments. 

Upon completion of the examination, a detailed statement containing information and documentation of the building quality and process is issued.

Follow-up surveys of new ship constructions are conducted globally.


Banks, shipping companies, investment funds, KG houses.

Services Provided

Control of ship´s construction process and new building work.

QA of new building construction.

Efficiency control of building-yard.

Supervision of construction surveillance.

Inspection of the new construction process in accordance with the bank´s payments rates.


Detailed statement.

Documentation of construction quality and building process.

Documentation of efficiency of the yard.

Evaluation concerning risks related to quality and delivery schedule.

Photographic documentation.

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