Marine Surveys

At Weselmann, we offer a wide range of inspections and technical assessments, inspecting approximately 750 ships and marine structures worldwide per year.

As a 24/7 business, we can attend international inspections at short notice, bringing the knowledge of our expert field surveyors, supported by an efficient, quality-assured back office.

We offer a complete range of surveys and assessments across all vessel types and offshore constructions. To ascertain the condition of the vessel as well as the effectiveness of the onboard management. we carry out a comprehensive survey.


Banks, ship owners, ship managers, charterers, investment funds, KG houses, capital procurement -agencies, underwriters, courts etc.


Our team of marine surveyors is located at our headquarters and site offices. All our staff have solid experience in the maritime industry as marine engineers, naval architects or master mariners.

Types of Vessels

Our marine surveyors offer a wealth of in-house expertise and experience with all vessel types, including container ships, bulk carriers, tankers, MPPs, ferries, luxury yachts, cruise ships, river & harbor vessels, offshore vessels, drilling vessels, oil rigs etc. 

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