Long Term Asset Value

First introduced in the maritime industry in 2009, the Long-Term Asset Value method is one of the most effective options particularly when during times when markets are not functioning normally.

LTAV is based on a Discounted Cash Flow model (DCF), supplementing traditional valuation methods. Independent of market disturbances it is geared towards the potential for long-term sustainable profits of a ship. Weselmann is proud to have played a leading role in the development of the LTAV method.

Reasons for Using LTAV

The LTAV is an important additional valuation tool. It is based on the long-term income potential of the ship. This is particularly useful when there are market distortions or extreme fluctuations. Standardized and regularly revised parameters ensure transparency in the market.

In its current version, the HSES complies with the requirements of the IDW S1 standard.

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