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Lay-up / Reactivation Assessment

Lay-up and re-activation surveys are carried out on a wide variety of vessels and offshore constructions of all types, sizes, and complexity.

Inspections assess the state and the standard under which the asset is laid up, addressing possible issues and making recommendations for actions required.

Re-activation surveys focus on the evaluation and danger assessment concerning the reactivation of the vessel.

At Weselmann, we conduct inspections onboard merchant vessels as well as oil rigs and accommodation platforms globally.

Scope of assessment

State assessed in general as per scope for condition survey.

Valuation of layup condition.

Initial measure taken for the layup.

Implemented care and measures during layup.

Assessment of works required for re-activation and related expenses.

Calculation of risk concerning the re-activation.


Condition survey statement as per Weselmann Standard.

Additional evaluation of the lay-up, state, situation, problems etc. including recommendations and price calculation. 

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