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Inland Waterway Services

As the appointed consultants for Hamburg’s Harbour Port Authority and the Central Ships Inspection Commission for Inland-Water-Way Vessels (ZSUK), Mainz, our history of providing them with dedicated services spans decades.

At Weselmann, not only are we accredited to act on behalf of the authorities, we also perform an advisory role directly to owners, assisting with new constructions, conversions, repairs etc. as well as covering stability and strength calculations, tendering, supervision etc.


Inland shipping companies, owners of Harbour barges and port operators.


Examination of present operations according to the Hamburg Port Vessels Regulations.

Bottom / Hull survey according to the Hamburg Harbour.

Vessels Regulations on behalf of Central Ships.

Inspection Commission for Inland-Water-Way Vessels (ZSUK), Mainz.

Stability calculations for inland water vessels.

Towage arrangement survey.


Detailed approved test documentation.

Complete stability reports.

Reporting completed according to client’s requirements.

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