Health, Social and Environmental Audits

Compliance assessment of shipyard facilities is carried out by Weselmann as an independent auditor, in order to check and verify the standard and implemented HSE systems and compliance.

The audits are mainly provided on behalf or at request of lenders for specific projects. The assessment can be made as part of the technical appraisal of the shipyard, or as a “stand-alone project” with sole focus on the compliance with rules and regulations and verification the project is meeting the demands of international agencies and lending institutions involved.

The assessment is made by Weselmann staff with solid background from the shipyard industry and we have a very “hand-on-approach” in which the detailed evaluation of the data and documentation is supported by physical inspection / verification of the actual implementation of the Health, Safety, Social and Environmental Management Systems.

HSE assessments are made worldwide.

Scope of assignment

Independent assessment of the Health, Safety, Social and Environmental compliance.

Evaluation of Management System and Best practices implemented.

Risk Analyse for identification of Risks and consequences.

Advisory for mitigating risks.

Verification of the practical implementation of the management system.

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