Damage Surveys

Our surveyors have at their hands substantial knowledge, technical skills and a complete understanding of the issues related to marine casualties. This enables us to provide thorough damage assessment across a wide range of vessels from inland barges to deep sea cargo vessels, cruise ships, yachts, and offshore constructions.

We offer a spectrum of services for large international insurance companies and insurance brokers.

In the global shipping market, when damages occur time is crucial. That’s why our team is available 24/7 for you.

Services Provided

Examination of technical hull and machinery damages.

Assessment of environmental / water pollution damages and organization of waste removal and clean-up operations.

Assessment of collisions, ascertaining as for as possible the impact angle and further relevant accident parameters.

Organization and monitoring  of salvage operations.

Inspection of technical damages and third-party liability claims at port facilities.

Fast and efficient claims handling. 

Detailed accident investigation including root cause analysis. 

Drafting of repair specifications, evaluation of required repairs including estimated cost and duration.  

Auditing of repair accounts.

Inspections are conducted globally.


Comprehensive reports, including all relevant statements and documentation regarding the damage.

Statement covering cause and extent of damages. 

Reports include available alternatives regarding repairs and costs involved.

Compilation of costs related to taxes, including reports covering verification of the reasonable damage account.

Technical assessment with the purpose of determining the split of cost of the damage.

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