COVID-19 UPDATE: click here


In course of the dynamic development of the COVID-19 pandemic situation, government and authorities have made recommendations and implemented regulation to reduce social contacts in the effort to fight the spread of the virus.

As our customers, business partners, employees and their family’s wellbeing and health are our priority, we have taken action and implemented measures to reduce social contact accordingly, such as; home office, avoiding non-essential travel, online meetings, etc.

We continue to monitor the situation closely and follow the guidelines and recommendations from the authorities.

Our headquarter in Hamburg will be staffed 50 % and the remaining employee´s will work from home office to ensure complete operational capacity of Weselmann to fulfil the needs of our customers.

Full service for valuations can insofar still be provided as before the pandemic. In case of need for valuations, please send your request to your usual contact at WESELMANN or to

Physical inspections of vessels are still carried out, as far as possible to arrange with the restrictions concerning travel, access-permit to terminal/vessel, etc.

We strive to minimise the disruption and do our outmost to deliver the service for inspection and technical assessments required by our clients also under the current circumstances.

For enquiry for inspections, please send your request online through the WESELMANN Client-Zone, or per email to

For any questions or enquiries, please contact our office in Germany, Denmark, Hong Kong or China.


Kind Regards
Your Weselmann Team